“Why sleeping has become a burden, and more and more afraid of the late night.” An anonymous netizen commented on insomnia. I don’t know when it started, this insomnia has gradually become a disease that everyone seems to get at any time.

Insomnia is a symptom that it is not easy to go to sleep naturally, it is difficult to fall asleep or it is difficult to maintain sleep.

On the Internet, along with the topic of insomnia, there are often keywords such as hair loss, restlessness, and stress. If you read the comments, you may find that many people who reply to the message are young people.

From the data, we can see that insomnia is no longer exclusive to the elderly. More and more Chinese people are suffering from poor sleep.

Every night, 200 million Chinese people cannot sleep well

On July 15, 2019, the Department of Planning, Development and Information Technology released a detailed “Healthy China Action (2019-2030)” report, which set out the goals and tasks of healthy China construction.

The data in this report shows that the prevalence of insomnia in China in 2016 was 15%, which means that 207 million people had sleep problems or sleep disorders that year, and the number of insomnia is increasing year by year. The goal of the “Healthy China Action” is only to slow down the upward trend of this data.

At the same time, another survey shows that Chinese urban residents still do not sleep after 24 o’clock. Watching WeChat chats, playing games, watching TV shows, working overtime, socializing with friends, etc. on the Internet are all reasons why Chinese people do not want to sleep. .

Why do you suffer from insomnia? Actually you lack this vitamin in your body

What causes insomnia?

There are many answers, but essentially insomnia is a manifestation of the body’s lack of this vitamin.

What is lacking is the B vitamins. B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins. Among the B vitamins, B1, B2, and B12 vitamins help sleep. They can promote the body’s absorption of nutrients.

The most important thing is that it can promote the combination of amino acids and then promote the formation of protein, which is an indispensable element for maintaining the normal life activities of the human body. For the liver, it can promote the regeneration of liver cells, and it has great significance for the body’s hematopoiesis.

They can also maintain the stability of the nervous system and maintain the normal work of the heart. Therefore, if the insomnia is serious, it is necessary to consider whether the body lacks vitamin B.

How to add vitamin B?

  1. Eat animal liver

The animal liver is rich in vitamin B. It can be supplemented by stir-frying and eating, can promote the stability of the nervous system, and also has certain help for sleep. It is recommended to supplement the animal liver at least once a week.

  1. Drink milk sooner or later

Milk is rich in vitamin B2. A cup of milk every morning and evening can promote the stable work of the heart. Drinking a cup of warm milk before bed can help sleep and promote us to fall asleep quickly.

  1. Oral vitamin B drugs

The easiest and most direct way to supplement vitamins is to take vitamin B-group medicines orally, which can supplement the required amount of vitamin B. It is recommended to go to a hospital or pharmacy and take the relevant drugs under the guidance of a doctor. It is not appropriate to exceed the recommended dose.

Insomnia, is there any way to adjust?

  1. Re-adjust your work schedule to make your work schedule more suitable for you, and help to form regular work and rest habits.
  2. According to a large amount of data, taking light with an intensity of 7000-12000 lux (lx) for patients with insomnia can effectively change the sleep-wake rhythm of the patient. Light therapy can also treat sleep-wake rhythm disorders, such as delayed sleep phases and advanced syndrome.
  3. Patients with insomnia are often due to psychological disorders, such as high stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is very helpful for patients to seek psychological counseling and even consult a psychologist.

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