The flowers bloom and the scenery is pleasant.
Xiao Ming appeared after a outdoors sneezing, runny nose and cough, mounting and cough, my grandmother and my mother with him to jinshan hospital pediatric emergency, after doctors visits and detailed physical examination Suggestions to the pathogeny of asthma, the grandmother said: doctor, is the child bronchitis, in this way, after each cold do spray is good for two days.
The doctor said patiently: Aunt, in fact, xiao Ming’s symptoms may be caused by allergies, he was a child is there eczema ah?
Mom and dad have rhinitis?
Mother said in the side: Xiao Ming childhood eczema is really serious.
Asthma in children mostly begins before the age of 3, and lung damage often begins in preschool children,” the doctor added. “Therefore, early intervention for asthma-related wheezing in children can improve lung function and activity endurance, which is necessary for normal growth and healthy life.”
But not as long as there is wheezing is asthma, most of the asthma symptoms are in the early morning or night recurrent wheezing, cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness;
Children with recurrent episodes of wheezing and a history of allergic disease such as eczema, allergic rhinitis or parents with allergic disease were more likely to have asthma.

And then the doctor pointed to the following two drawings, the airways of the asthma patients have chronic inflammation, so when stimulating factors such as inhaled allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, or cold air, respiratory tract infection, airway wall will appear when swelling, secrete large amounts of mucus, bronchospasm caused air is blocked, the baby is breathing and difficulty breathing.
Controlling airway inflammation is essential to prevent asthma attacks.
Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether the baby is asthmatic, and then determine whether the baby needs asthma treatment and what level of treatment it should receive based on further evaluation.
At this time, grandma listened to a little worried, could not help but say: Doctor, then what should we do next?
The doctor said gently: aunt, you don’t worry, today we do first atomization, mother, for your baby to make an appointment a childhood asthma clinic on Wednesday afternoon, we need to do a allergic source inspection and check some necessary hematology, eliminate some of the other diseases, at the same time? The baby is 5 years old, can do a lung function tests, to the baby to make a comprehensive evaluation, and then our asthma specialist will tell you what to do.
Grandmother nodded and said: Got it.
My mom is on the phone.

Then what is the assessment result of Xiaoming asthma clinic?
Do you need long-term treatment for asthma?
Guys, we’ll talk about this next time.

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