Ray-Ban Sunglasses 650

Ray-Ban Sunglasses 650




Nothing says “Anti-glare” like Ray Ban’s. Indeed, Ray Ban is an iconic brand of sunglasses that provide a style and look that’s like no other. Ray Ban’s Aviator sunglasses, which are ever desired model for pilots and non-pilots alike provide a way to hide the eyes while staying focused on what’s in front of you.

Ray Ban makes sunglasses with strong frames and durable glass that can last. Besides their world-renown Aviator model, Ray Ban’s sells other popular models like Wayfarer as well as special editions named Echelon (Caravan), Olympian I and Olympian II. Ray Ban also sold “The General” model, which was produced in 1987. These Ray Ban sunglasses paid homage to WWII General, Douglas MacArthur.

Whether you are a fighter pilot, a member of law enforcement or just a fan of Ray Ban, these quality sunglasses are perfect for both men and women to own. Consider a pair, today!


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