World No. 1 men’s doubles player Robert Farah will miss the upcoming Australian Open because of a positive drug test, and Chilean player Jarry was temporarily suspended due to a failed drug test after the Davis Cup.

Farah partnered with fellow Kabar and won two Grand Slam doubles trophies in Wimbledon and the US Open in 2019, but only a few months after reaching the peak of his career, he was tested in an off-season drug test at Cali on October 17 Fara was found to be taking the illegal drug budesone, but he firmly denied that he had violated any regulations of stimulants.

“October 7th, I had a test in Shanghai and there was no problem. In addition, I conducted at least 15 random spot checks last year. This substance is very common in Colombian meat products. It is likely to change the test results. I’m sure it is That’s it.” Farah defended his innocence in Los Angeles. The Colombian said this is undoubtedly the most tragic moment in his career so far.

It is reported that Farah is working with the team and professionals to prove his innocence, “We will prove that I have never used any drugs that do not meet the fair play and ethics of tennis. I am very calm and confident now because in my life In the past, I have always upheld a just and honest attitude.”

In fact, Farah is not the only player in the men’s tennis world who has recently been “starred” by the drug scandal. The Chilean giant Nicolas Jarry, who had reached the 38th highest ranking in the men’s singles, has already failed because of the drug test after the Davis Cup last year. He was banned from the competition, and the substance that caused him to pass the drug test was Ligandrol (selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) LGD-4033). In recent years, there have been many suspensions in the world sports due to the failure of LGD-4033. precedent.

In fact, in June last year, Brazilian golfer Maia was temporarily suspended because the drug test contained LGD-4033. Jari was accused of violating anti-doping regulations on January 4 and was banned on January 14. Punishment. So far, Jari has not appealed to an independent court, but he reserves the right to do so.

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